Monday, 26 March 2012


Photo by Allyson Smith

Lately I have been a BAD blogger and not finding time to talk about the awesome things that have been happening so today you get a picspammy post so I can catch up.

So on Friday We had Eisenfunk, Surgyn and Angel Grinder in Legends.

Eisenfunk (photos also by Kev)

All three bands were great, I had a really awesome night although I'm really covered in bruises and left wondering if a child's paddling pool was filled with vodka, and you had Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection) and Sami from Faderhead at the other, who would drink their way to the centre first?

Photo by Allyson Smith

Saturday was my mam's birthday, so she, I and my grandma went to Sunderland for the football :)

Grandma and I :)

The Birthday girl :)

We were fortunate enough to get tickets in the third row :)

Sunday I was just too knackered to do anything except goof around on Facebook :)

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