Monday, 28 July 2014

Seven Alternative Shudders

Laranja - Capitol Hill
Think "Red Shoes" but with a murderous Sooty Puppet instead and you have this gem of a video!

Ready to hear you
Super soft and lovely voice with a feel good video

"Falling" by LOVESUCKER
More chilled out easy to listen to soft rock, great for summer barbecues.

Antonio Bastos - Talk To The Song
Time to wake back up with some dancy electro music. Got to love a bit of Space Drums now and then!

Harmaline - Waterboard
Female fronted, moody rock.

The Mouth of Ghosts - Wrong
Kind of an extra tinkl-y mid-90's Garbage. Probably my favourite this week.

The Doerfels - They Don't Know
Powerful emotive rock with... Wait is that a ukulele?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Comic saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!


I have no objection to horses, I love them but these guys kept slowing down so the bus I was on was stuck behind them, then when the driver tried to overtake (whilst being very careful to stay far enough out of the way as to not spook the horses) they tried to race the bus and yelled abuse at the driver.
If you are going to be so reckless towards the safety of your horses you don't deserve them.

From place to plate

Home grown onions NOM NOM NOM 

Fried them up with some potatoes and tinned tomatoes, tore up some home grown spinach just before I turned the heat off and the had them with two pieces of Tesco mock chicken.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunbathing in Sulgrave!

The view from my balcony!

Ok I lied, this is the real view.

Spinach update


Almond tree

Lately I have started drinking Amaretto when I want to drink spirits, it makes a nice change from vodka or Jagermeister.
It started when we were given a small bottle of  Disaronno the Christmas before last and I thought it tasted like cake. So sweet and almondy, it was delicious!
Some time last year Kev bought two bottles of a generic brand of Amaretto from the supermarket, and they just weren't as good, they were ok and everything but they tasted like fake almond essence.
A few weeks back we had Disaronno again, yum yum yum!
This weekend Kev picked up a bottle of Amaretto Di Antonio which was pretty cheap, but actually it's really nice! More of a roasted almond taste than Disaronno.
Yum yum yum

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