Friday, 27 February 2015

Re: Corset Myths

Oh Great British Sewing Bee, what have you done? You were supposed to be helpful!
Antique corset advertising image via The Graphics Fairy

Well the British Corsetry Community has been all of a flutter since last night's episode of The Great British Sewing Bee broadcast.
I haven't seen it yet myself, I will hopefully get a chance to iplayer it at some point today or tomorrow at which point I will write a proper response piece, but from what I hear corsets were presented as a garment that could kill someone and a steel boned SINGLE LAYER corset was made, which seems like it would rip apart the second someone put it on, but we shall see.

Until then I will refer you on to the following:

An excellent post by A Damsel In This Dress from last year that I managed to miss until today.
Everything You Know About Corsets Is False a personal favourite mythbusting article.
and my own recent series on corset myths:

Do you have any favourite mythbusting articles on corsetry? Link them below.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lolita is Expensive

Often used to try and explain purchasing from Milanoo

Don't get me wrong, I am not about to say Lolita is cheap, I feel like it's important to realise that as a niche fashion Lolita is always going to be at least a little bit more expensive than regular street clothes, however it doesn't have to break the bank, though it is worth remembering usually you get what you pay for.

Personally, the easiest and cheapest way I have managed to build a wardrobe is by making my own, I realise it's not an option for everybody but if sewing is something you're interested in I highly recommend learning to sew and sewing your own Lolita, it's also a pretty handy way to get what you want if you don't have brand proportions.

It is possible to buy premade Lolita without resorting to Milanoo (who have incredibly shitty business practices such as trolling EGL back in the day and frequently sending out items that look nothing like what was ordered).
Anna House offer a fairly limited selection, and their fabrics aren't always the best quality, but the construction is pretty solid and they're well priced.
Bodyline are a pretty controversial one, I personally wouldn't buy from them myself as I don't want to support the business of an alleged paedophile and someone who has some pretty shady business practices (such as trolling Kera recently in order to get some page hits on Facebook), and the weird sizing puts me off too, but many people seem to like Bodyline because they have low prices and you are likely at the very least to get a dress that looks like the dress in the picture and not a shower curtain.
Taobao requires a shopping service if you live outside of China, however it has two major advantages: Price and customising. A lot of shops on Taobao offer customised sizing, which is again helpful if you don't have brand proportions.


I think I prefer the horns this way around

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Antichrist Outfit

Working on my outfit to go with my horns today
I've been ever so slightly inspired by the brides of Dracula in the Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula

Although mine will be in red.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Corset with busk

Started my corset with the leftovers of the Teaspoon and an Open Mind fabric :)

Lolitas are Supposed To Be Lovelies!

Following on from yesterday's post...
Angelic Pretty Promo Image

Perhaps a strange follow on from yesterday's post on how Lolitas are not all horrible, today I decided to explore how Lolitas aren't all nice either.
This is one that used to come up a lot more than it does now, mostly people bring up an article on "rules for Lolita" that featured in one of the early Gothic and Lolita Bibles and was mostly a piece on manners, but also featured some very strange extras such as "never drink beer, only peasants drink beer."
There are two main things I feel like I need to say in response to this:

  1. Lolita is not a hivemind.
  2. Lolita is not a costume.
Just because people dress like doesn't mean they think alike, and while it is possible to give rules and guidlines on how to dress within the fashion, it's not really possible to give rules on how to think and act.
Obviously if you want to live by a list of Victorian values by all means go ahead and do it, but you shouldn't try and enforce it onto other people and you should be exactly the same out of Lolita that you are in it because when you act differently you are making Lolita into a costume.
The clothes you wear shouldn't effect how you behave.
The bottom line really is that if someone is an awful person out of Lolita, they probably are in it too, but if someone is a decent person outside of Lolita then they will be in it.

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